Picking the most appropriate satellite navigation system to suit your Suzuki

Published: 28th December 2011
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Satellite navigation systems have become very desirable in recent years and are now becoming lower in price, which has opened the devices up to a larger market.

A lot of buyers are running into difficulties due to the market being full of different models, all offering a variety of new features. More importantly, there are specific models that are better suited to different cars.

Due to this, here are some facts that www.leasecar.co.uk suggest you should keep in mind when buying a GPS for your Suzuki.

1) Three types of satellite navigation system are available. These are integrated based systems, plug and go systems and portable systems.

Integrated based systems: This means the sat-nav is installed within the car and interacts with the other aspects of your car. The main problem with this system is the costly installation but in contrast to this the system will be a constant feature in your car and will not need to be moved around.

Plug and go systems: These systems are much less expensive than the integrated sat-nav and are not restricted to one vehicle. The main problem with this sat-nav is that it can be inconvenient and they are often stole because they're easily taken from a car.

Portable systems: These are the cheapest and most portable option of all the Sat Nav Systems because you can apply this sat-nav to your mobile phone. The downside is that the maps aren't too clearly visible being displayed on a phone screen and the phone charges can high.

2) Next, think about the picture quality and size of the display. The display quality and size should be of a high standard even in very bright light or dim light the content of the screen is clear. The last thing you want is to be travelling and end up off track because you can't see your sat-nav display. It should be consistently bright enough to view, as well as being non-reflective and constantly visible.

3) GPS coverage is also important to consider before buying your sat-nav. You need to feel assured that your system won't stop working just because you drive through an obscure location. You want to avoid a situation in which you're stranded and find out that the sat-nav has cut out and refuses to produce a way home. So make sure that you read up on GPS models details and specifications.

4) Ensure that it has both audio and visual description capabilities. Here are the two reasons why this is so important: Firstly, you should be keeping your eyes on the road whilst driving so reading instructions isn't an option, therefore audio instructions are very useful. Secondly, the inclusion of text allows you to re-read the instructions, if you didn't hear it the first time. At this stage you should check your Suzuki electronics or manual to see if it has specific facilities for connecting to a sat-nav.

5) What add-ons are there on offer? Several sat-nav systems can inform you of where traffic congestion is likely to occur and where speed cameras are located. Features such as these ensure that you don't end up in congestion and give you the ability to control your speed before you come to a speed camera. These features will help you when taking out a Suzuki contract hire deal whether you took out the agreement with www.leasecar.co.uk or another of the reputable leasing firms.

If you follow this article then if you're new to driving or have just taken out a Suzuki leasing deal and you should be heading towards your destination in no time.

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